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Photo albums for venues such as Mon Jin Lau, The Annex, 350 Terrace, the Bosco Lounge, Bleu Detroit, Stayin' Alive, Coliseum, Legends Detroit, Players, Exodus Rooftop, Beach Grill Aqua Lounge, Filmore Theater, The Garden Theater, Empire Lounge, Mon Jin Lau, Le Dolce Vita!, Brownies On The Lake, Beach Grill, Sky Bar, The Patio at Vintage House, Tre Monti, The Corner, Reunion Nightclub, Elektricity, Club Reflxtion  (Club Vain), The Beach Grill, H2O Lounge, Metro Cafe, The Vault, Level II Lounge and previously, Tin Fish (Novi, Partridge Creek and St Clair Shores), Chen Chow, South Bar, Hamilton Room, Sky Club, Club Hanger LAX, The Chateau Detroit, The Black Market & TheBank Nightlife and many others are all on my own personal Facebook page to make it easier for you to find, tag and share.

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I've been doing photography, 35mm then digital, since 1996. I have worked in advertising for one of the Big Threee, done the ordinary headshots/portfolio type work, event and club photography, concerts, musicians and actors, weddings, album covers, you name it. The vast majority of my work was under my old studio name - since retired many years ago. After a long stint running the IT dept for a large financial organization I semi-retired from the computer field and returned to doing photography. It has always been my great passion and something that came easily to me (as with computers). Rebuilding this site hasn't been a priority because I believe the model has shifted to FB, this would be strictly a vanity page with all meaningful galleries published to FB so that people can access them easily and freely. -- Alex

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